Player of the match

DohertyMatt Doherty

with an average of 7.40


  1. Squad number9Player nameOkriashvili

  2. Squad number19Player nameShengelia

  3. Squad number4Player nameKashia

  4. Squad number15Player nameAburjania

  5. Squad number14Player nameLobjanidze

  6. Squad number16Player nameTabidze

  7. Squad number8Player nameQazaishvili

  8. Squad number10Player nameAnanidze

  9. Squad number18Player nameGrigalava

  10. Squad number7Player nameKankava

  11. Squad number13Player nameKiteishvili

  12. Squad number1Player nameLoria

  13. Squad number11Player nameKvilitaia

  14. Squad number2Player nameKakabadze

Republic of Ireland

  1. Squad number7Player nameDoherty

  2. Squad number5Player nameEgan

  3. Squad number14Player nameHourihane

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  4. Squad number17Player nameConnolly

  5. Squad number4Player nameDuffy

  6. Squad number21Player nameCollins

  7. Squad number6Player nameWhelan

  8. Squad number2Player nameColeman

  9. Squad number23Player nameRandolph

  10. Squad number13Player nameHendrick

  11. Squad number12Player nameRobinson

  12. Squad number11Player nameMcClean

  13. Squad number8Player nameBrowne

  14. Squad number3Player nameWilliams

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